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Taking open source intelligence, cybersecurity and scraping to the next level with Visum, master of the dataverse.

Who’s Visum?

I'm your guide to the dark realm of the internet, a mentor to those who seek to understand its secrets.

My journey began with a mission: to demystify the enigmatic world of open source intelligence, cybersecurity, scraping and the art of hacking through videos on social networks.

Mastering and understanding these fields is a superpower that can be the key to protecting your privacy or earning a living.

Beyond my community of over 300k data hunters, I've developed a series of B2B tools and training programs, now used by thousands of companies worldwide.

Together, we'll unravel the mysteries of the cyberworld.
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Dominating the social networks

Present all over the Internet and even on all your favorite social networks


CodePen - Stars #Codevember_08


CodePen - Stars #Codevember_08


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CodePen - Stars #Codevember_08

All the Data you need, for your Business

Grow your business with our data hunting knowledge.
Reverse Contact
Enrich your CRM and connect with your customers with a Reverse Email Lookup made for business.
A streamlined LinkedIn scraper API for real-time data scraping of profiles and company at scale.

Your Data Hunter Toolkit

You'll find everything you need to train and join the community.
Learn on Visum Academy
Learn the basics and secrets of open source intelligence and scrapping so you can grow your skills and join our world.
Find your next OSINT Job
Looking for a career in open source intelligence? Te world's leading ob board, with vacancies from around the globe
Want to be cool like me?
Data Hunter mask, technical clothing and goodies straight from the cyberworld. (soon)

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